{Skinny} Summer Cocktails

{Skinny Summer Cocktails}

Spring is officially here, which means longer days and happier happy hours. The only thing that can ruin your buzz now is that bogged down, bloated feeling after one too many. Not too worry! These summer drinks will keep your buzz strong and guilt low.

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Sunshine Sangria: Sangria is always great once the warm weather sets in, but often times hidden in your punch bowl is a whole lot of added sugar! By using 2/3 red wine to 1/3 of diet Seven Up (or Fresca) cut back on additives but keep the flavor. Slice up your favorite fruit and throw them in, the longer they soak the more delicious the result. I must give credit where credit is due… my cousins has been whipping these up for a few years now. I trust her, she has got an amazing bod.

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Mojito Alternative: Mm…Mojito’s and summer. Unfortunately, Mojito’s are loaded with extra simple syrup. All that extra sugar not only makes for a bad hangover but added calories. However, DonQ’s Mojito Rum portions the sugar for you. Muddle some extra mint, add some club soda, garnish with lime and you are good to go. Want to shake it up? Add in some blueberries!

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The Old Lady: I made this name up because when you hear wine spritzer you usually think of your grandmother. The truth is, white wine spritzers are a perfect drink for the beach! Fill ¾ of your wine glass with your favorite white wine (make sure its cold), pour in a couple of splashes of seltzer and you are in for a refreshing beachside cocktail. I like to add in some fresh pomegranate seeds.

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Sorority Sister: I wasn’t in a sorority, but if I were this totally would have been my drink of choice Thursday-Sunday. It is unassuming, but watch yourself this will have you college shwasted, fast. All you need is one cup of water, 1 shot of vodka, 1 packet of Crystal Light pink lemonade and ice. Shake together and pour over shaved ice (if you want to be fancy), otherwise a red solo cup will do just fine.

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Screwy: Looking for something a little more tropical? Rather than getting all the sugar from juice used in a typical screwdriver try using orange vodka with some diet soda, you get the flavor without the calories.

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Summer Vodka Soda: This is the standard skinny girl drink, but try having a little fun! Muddle your favorite berries with some fresh lime and then shake up with your vodka soda. This is a simple way to feel as though you are being decadent without packing on the drinking weight.

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Sexy On The Beach: I could have tequila on the rocks, but when I am looking for something a little more… feminine I turn to my Tequila and pineapple drink. 2 shots of tequila, ¼ of a cup of pineapple juice and ¼ a cup of diet sprite and you have a refreshing cocktail to throw back as the sun goes down.

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